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The Lean Manufacturing Project

The Lean Manufacturing Project

In January 2013, DIXI Polytool began a project of Lean Manufacturing.
High competition, an uncertain economic environment, an overvalued Swiss franc, as well as the objective of gaining national and international market shares, constitute the factors which motivated DIXI Polytool to initiate the Lean Manufacturing method.

A Lean Manufacturing project is a long-term project which involves all employees within the company. It is based on the following pillars:

  • Collective intelligence
  • Elimination of all non-essential equipment for the creation of added value
  • Constant questioning and challenging the existing situation
  • Constant communication to involve all employees
  • Providing training to increase versatility and competence

Since June 2015, the entire production site in Le Locle is organized in production flows. Apart from a complete reorganisation, the human factor is essential in such a project. The involvement of everyone is necessary.

The Lean Manufacturing project is complemented with an Office Lean of which the objective is to improve efficiency and to constantly challenge the existing system.
Throughout the entire project, the added value for the customer is at the heart of the company’s concerns: to deliver an advanced product in a shorter time frame (for SP) and a minimum of stock shortages for the standard ranges.

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